About WA

The administration of a property and continuity belong together within our concept of offering property management. Continuity means that we as Administrator are aware about the property’s “quirks” and we know its residents. And therefore we can maintain and optimise property values, whether it be monetary terms, a special community or the special “atmosphere” of the property.

Our utterly uncompromising goal is through every action and relationship to emerge as the obvious choice of property manager through competent advice and as an attractive partner – whether the focal point is as owners, a cooperative housing society, the private or institutional investor, property developer or homeowner. We believe in the long-term cooperation. Everything else is for us uninteresting as we average considerably more resources throughout the start-up phase in connection with the acquisition of a new customer.

This means that we can first generate real profits after two years of cooperation. Customer loyalty is crucial, which plays an important role in the way we have chosen to handle our customers. Given that for each customer, including a housing association, it can be extremely difficult to relate to what you can expect is contained and not least not contained in an “ordinary” management performance. We have chosen to focus on what a customer needs, and this is reflected in the size of our fee. We believe that this is transparent when the customer order can relate to an “honest” and transparent price rather than an enticing low price wrapped in kickback agreements, major customer discounts and other pricing conditions.

We believe that customer-oriented behaviour gives meaning and produces results! It has certainly proved that there is a clear correlation in relation to the evolution of our turnover from 2005, when the company was started by Per Beyer and Allan Wind.